Chasing a Croatian Girl – A Survivor’s Tale

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McClain Brown, Cody
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You probably came to Croatia because you saw an irresistible ad “Croatia is beautiful” or a trusted friend told you that it’s a place you can’t miss visiting this year. And they all were right, Croatia is all they say and more. However, if you only limit yourself to gazing over azure sea or visiting a bunch of old ruins, you will never find out how the real Croatians actually live amongst the bloody history of wars gone by and beauty of the land of sea and light. However, Cody McClain Brown, not-so-average American guy who met a not-so-average Croatian girl and managed to woo her, (a lengthy affair that ended up in marriage) will tell you what life here is all about. There is the endless coffee-drinking, there are dangers of mysterious drafts that lurk behind every open window, there are mothers-in-law, ubiquitous pillars of society and the absolute importance of wearing slippers, but there is also the meaning of friendship and life being lived in a slower, more connected way. His insightful, humorous and open-minded anecdotes will make you feel as if you lived here, at least for a short while. And maybe make you wish to visit us again!

4.4 out of 5 stars 222 ratings. This is the lighthearted story of American Cody McClain Brown's adjustments to life in Croatia.

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