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Modernism to the masses: Pioneering designs for affordable postwar homes The Case Study House program (1945–1966) was a unique event in the history of American architecture. Sponsored by Arts & Architecture magazine, the program sought to respond to the postwar building boom with prototype modern homes that could be both easily replicated and readily affordable to the average American. Concentrated on the Los Angeles area, the Case Study Houses included 36 model homescommissioned from such major architects of the day as Richard Neutra, Raphael Soriano, Craig Ellwood, Charles and Ray Eames, Pierre Koenig, Eero Saarinen, A. Quincy Jones, and Ralph Rapson. Their criteria included “using, as far as is practicable, many war-born techniques and materials best suited to the expression of man’s life in the modern world.” The results of the program would redefine the modern home and extend influence not only across the United States but around the world. This compact guide includes all of the Case Study Houses with over 150 photos and plans, as well as a map showing locations of all sites, including those that no longer exist. About the series: Each book in TASCHEN’s Basic Architecture series features:an introduction to the life and work of the architect the major works in chronological order information about the clients, architectural preconditions as well as construction problems and resolutions a list of all the selected works and a map indicating the locations of the best and most famous buildings approximately 120 illustrations (photographs, sketches, drafts and plans)

The principal photography by Julius Shulman is breathtaking and some of the original, vintage photos are presented on two pages within the huge book. Las Case Study Houses fueron experimentos en arquitectura residencial norteamericana patrocinados por la revista de John Entenza (después de David Travers) Arts & Architecture, [1] quienes pagaron a los mejores arquitectos del momento, incluyendo a Richard Neutra, Raphael Soriano, Craig Ellwood, Charles y Ray Eames, Pierre Koenig y Eero Saarinen, para diseñar y construir casas modelo baratas ... From 1945 until 1966 the Case Study Houses program galvanized a new era of American architecture.Initiated by editor John Entenza, Arts & Architecture magazine commissioned the very best architects of the day to design a residential home which was affordable, utilized contemporary techniques and materials, and embodied the spirit of emerging mid-century modernism. News Articles Archilogic Case Study Houses William W Wurster Theodore Bernardi Cite: Robynn Weldon. "A Virtual Look Inside the Case Study House #3 by William W Wurster & Theodore Bernardi" 19 Jul ... Case Study PDF.

In this section, you will find case studies on different architectural buildings, construction masterpieces and a lot more which are shared by people around the world. Unlike future houses, Case Study House #1 is a wood framed building. The use of steel framing became part of the utilitarian standardization of housing construction that would prevent costly increases in building houses.