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Pongo and Perdita are Dalmatian dogs.They have 15 Dalmatian puppies. Cruella De Vil steals the puppies. She wants to make a new fur coat! All the animals in London are looking for these puppies. Can they save them in time? Classic Disney/Pixar stories re-told for young learners of English. Immerse your students in 6 levels of enchanting Disney/Pixar. – From ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Dumbo’ to ‘Up’, there’s someting for all levels and tastes. – MP3 available on-line adding depth to the stories…bringing the characters to life. – Factsheets, teacher’s notes and more available to download.

101 Dalmatians: The Series 101 Dalmatians Season 1 Episode 12-1 - Out To Launch. km1907.

The alarming premise is that Dalmatian puppies have begun to vanish all over England. 101 Dalmatinac 2 (2003, SR),online crtići,sinkronizirani crtići,jockantv, besplatni,online,crtići,jockantv,sinkronizirani crtići,online crtići,crtići na hrvatskom,online sinkronizirani crtani filmovi,sinkronizirani crtani filmovi online gledanje,sinkronizirani crtani filmovi na hrvatskom online,dugometražni crtići sinkronizirani na hrvatski,crtani filmovi za gledanje,crtani filmovi na ... 101 Dalmatians: The Series Season 2 Episode 53 Dalmatian Vacation Part 3 (Dearly Beloved) km1907. 1:46.