What Is Opus Dei?

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Wilkins, Alex
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Following the publication of `The Da Vinci Code’, a worldwide audience is now aware of the existence of the mysterious cult of Opus Dei. However, very little is actually known about this secret Catholic organisation. The book investigates the conspiracy theories behind the movement from its inception in 1928 to the present day. It includes Opus Dei’s activities in Spain where the movement’s founder, Escriva, allied his group with Franco’s regime – leading to several Opus Dei members occupying key positions in his government – and in Nazi Germany where in 1945, many leading Nazis escaped through the Knights Of Malta and the Vatican `rat run’ to the Americas.

Membership is by invitation only. The Opus Dei prelature, like the dioceses, is composed of all kinds of people whose only link is a spiritual one - because, as has been stated on numerous occasions, Opus Dei's only goals are ... Opus Dei is a strong advocate of traditional Catholic values, focusing particularly on spreading the Catholic teaching that every individual is called to become a saint and an apostle of Jesus ... L' Opus Dei (« Œuvre de Dieu » en latin), également appelé Prélature de la Sainte Croix et Opus Dei (en latin : Praelatura sanctae crucis et Operis Dei) [1], est une institution de l'Église catholique romaine fondée en 1928 par Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer.Elle a d'abord été une pieuse union, puis un institut séculier et elle est une prélature personnelle depuis 1982. Het Opus Dei (officiële Latijnse naam: Praelatura Sanctae Crucis et Operis Dei, de Prelatuur van het Heilig Kruis en van het Werk van God) is een personele prelatuur van de Katholieke Kerk die gesticht werd op 2 oktober 1928 door de in 2002 door de Katholieke Kerk heilig verklaarde Jozefmaria Escrivá. "Opus Dei" staat voor "Gods Werk". Laut den seit 1982 geltenden Statuten des Opus Dei (Codex Iuris Particularis Operis Dei) sind „Personen aller Berufe und Klassen der bürgerlichen Gesellschaft, insbesondere diejenigen, die man Intellektuelle nennt", die Zielgruppen der Organisation.

proglasio svetim 6. listopada ... Opus Dei is one of the most influential religious organizations in the world - a Christian institution not yet 100 years old, but which holds enormous power over local communities in America, Spain, and across the world In the public eye, this holy organization is known for its charitable ventures by donating a lot of its wealth to those in need Ihave always been shocked at how little people in the UK know about Opus Dei, the ultra-secretive Catholic organisation mostly present in Spain, Italy and South America, but also active here. Opus Dei is a personal prelature within the Roman Church that has been the subject of numerous controversies .