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Editorial, Linea
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Sport Design presents the newest models and prototypes of well-known designers in the world of sports. Generously illustrated with over 400 color photographs that focus exclusively on the products themselves, the book features sports equipment organized by sports corresponding to each of the four elements: “Earth” represents soccer, handball, and basketball equipment for example, “Water ” features swimming equipment, and so on through sections entitled “Wind” and “Snow & Ice. ” Sport Design has been compiled by an editorial team closely connected to the world of design and will be of great appeal to sports enthusiasts and designers of every stripe.

teNeues publishes coffee table books (focusing on fashion, travel and interior design), illustrated calendars, and stationery products such as ... Design., published by teNeues Press." ~The Bicycle Touring Club of North Jersey "If someone you know is into the total cycling scene, they will love to find this book under the tree." ... Concerning this coffee-table book; there are 17 "Sport" or racing bikes, only 4 of which are mountain bikes.

Seit mehr als 30 Jahren verlegt teNeues Bestseller Bücher von berühmten und einflussreichen Künstlern und ... All our books are now available for purchase under Sport Designs and Graphics is a leading provider of decorating services to the athletic and sports apparel market. Our company offers business to business services for many of the top team dealers throughout the United States.