Dragon Teeth

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Bowen, Carl
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A rogue CIA agent has been located in Iran, and it falls to Lieutenant Commander Ryan Cross and his Shadow Squadron to capture him. They track down the agent only to learn that he had to go dark to finish his mission. Caught between two terrorist organizations, Cross and his soldiers will have to risk cooperating with the shady agent in order to plant dissent between the two factions.

He hooks up with a paleontologist, Charles Marsh, headed out on a fossil hunting trip. Dragon's teeth (German: Drachenzähne) are square-pyramidal fortifications of reinforced concrete first used during the Second World War to impede the movement of tanks and mechanised infantry.The idea was to slow down and channel tanks into killing zones where they could easily be disposed of by anti-tank weapons.. They were employed extensively, particularly on the Siegfried Line. Books.

The name comes from Greek mythology, specifically Jason and the Argonauts; when a field was sowed with the teeth of a dragon, each tooth sprang up as a soldier ... Dragon's Teeth - Aunt Dora's Magic & Mythic Ingredients, magical object greek myth warrior legend spells pagan curio animal spirit guide AdventureAwaitsUs. From shop AdventureAwaitsUs.