Biseri jadrana – Vis eng.

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Majnarić, Miljenko (ur.)
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Vis is fascinating. This is a quotation. In recent years, after returning to my native island, I have heard it countless times as a sincere enthusiastic exclamation. I understand it. It also brought me home for good after forty years spent in Zagreb. Today Vis is visited by people for whom the world holds no secrets. And yet they discover secrets on this island. Onarri-val they expect something like Solta or Pre-muda: small places, a few small houses, a belfry… And Vis amazes them with its mansions, Renaissance and early Baroque architecture, the harmony of Komiza, the wealth and the beauty of the fields, coves, layers of history. They know right away that they have landed on an island civilized for many cen-ruries thanks to its position and natural wealth. They return to it obsessed spreading the myth of Vis everywhere.

godine. Ukrcao se u Trstu na parobrod Martha Washington i nakon 18 dana plovidbe iskrcao se u njujorškoj luci.

U prekidu su katamaranske linije: Split - Hvar - Vela Luka - Ubli, Vis - Split i Jelsa - Bol - Split, rekla je Ivulić. Jadran Puno ime: Nogometni klub Jadran Vis Osnovan: 1932. NK Jadran, hrvatski nogometni iz Visa..