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Wang, Kai
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Infographics and data visualization design is a discipline encompassing a variety of fields. Meanwhile, it is a useful branch of design in practicality. It uses a narrative, analytical design language in the process of conception. The book explores approaches to infographics and data visualization design, and also the artistic value in it. With a large number of the latest projects, the book showcases this global visual language. Readers can directly learn from these projects how to visualize and simplify complex information systematically. Though dedicated to finding a shortcut to infographics and data visualization design, the book encourages designers to exercise infinite creativity and produce original works with their own identity.”

Designers can be tempted to create complex infographics—when you have a lot of data to share, designing a multi-layered graphic seems like the best option. But that isn't the best way to approach design.

These are often accompanied by short blurbs, quotes, or other pieces of text that elaborate on the topic or tie a collection of visualizations together. The primary purpose of an infographic is to explore a complex and comprehensive topic. Infographics.