Human Figure in Motion, The

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Muybridge, Eadweard
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This is the largest selection ever made from the famous Muybridge sequence high-speed photographs of human motion. Containing 4,789 photographs, it illustrates some 163 different types of action: elderly man lifting log, woman sweeping, woman climbing ladder, men boxing and wrestling, child crawling, man lifting weight, man jumping, and 155 other types of action, some of which are illustrated by as many as 62 different photographs. Taken at speeds ranging up to 1/6000th of a second, these photographs show bone and muscle positions against ruled backgrounds. Almost all subjects are undraped, and all actions are shown from three angles: front, rear, and three-quarter view. These historic photographs, one of the great monuments of nineteenth-century photography, are reproduced original size, with all the clarity and detail of the originals. As a complete thesaurus of human action, it has never been superseded. Muybridge was a genius of photography, who had unlimited financial, technical, and scientific backing at the University of Pennsylvania. This volume presents the final selection from more than 100,000 negatives made at an expenditure of more than $50,000. It has never been superseded as a sourcebook for artists, students, animators, and art directors.

Children walking, crawling, and many dozens of other activities. The Figure in Motion contains over 165 full-page, black & white photos of action and motion poses, and eighteen (2 ½" x 3 3/8") insets of drawings of selected poses, drawn by five different artists. The authors have taken pains to light the models in such a way as to obtain a smooth gradation of values in order to provide a good, multi-value reference for body contours. Muybridge first photographed the human figure in motion on March 4th 1879.

An experimental film which attempts to chart the development of photographic and motion picture technology. Recreating the work of pioneering photographer Edweard Muybridge, turning the inside of the Igloo Dome into a giant zoetrope and then blending it seamlessly into slow motion high definition video. The 4,789 photographs in this definitive selection show the human figure — models almost all undraped — engaged in over 160 different types of action: running, climbing stairs, tumbling, dressing, undressing, hopping on one foot, dancing, etc.