Barcelona Tile Design

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Walk into a bar or restaurant in Barcelona and chances are that you will encounter a beautiful tile pattern on the floor. In the late 19th century, mass reproduction of intricately designed floor tiles became possible, and they became a common feature in the interiors of buildings in cities all around the Mediterranean. In Barcelona, the design of such tiles reached its peak in the age of Modernismo, the Spanish variety of Art Nouveau, in the early 20th century. BARCELONA TILE DESIGNS features a colourful collection of carefully restored and digitized designs. Both single tiles and whole patterns and borders are shown, and the files on the CD make it possible to create designs in any shape and size. A great resource for design professionals and hobbyists alike.

Interiors reporter Natasha Levy has selected seven of the city's most striking examples, from ... Tênis Masculino Velcro Couro Creme Azul/Laranja Barcelona Design | Urban Bull. 901088.

Design is hand poured and pressed for the best possible finish. 8" x 8" square.