Last Prince Consort of Hawaii – Rab native de Dominis

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Ribarić, Vinko
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I. Preface Up to the present day there haven’t been many records of the origin of captain John Dominis or of the origin of his son, John Owen, the husband of the last Hawaiian queen Liliuokalani. The records regarding this matter which are familiar today differ in certain aspects of the approach to the fundamental issue of this book – the origin of the father and son Dominis from Hawaii. Although it is possible to find a common thread in the various approaches to their origin which suggests that they – captain John (Gerolamo) and his son John Owen – are indeed originally from the island of Rab, certain questions, however, still remain unanswered. Different approaches to this issue and certain dubious matters regarding this issue, which have concerned the authors that have been writing about it, can be interpreted and explained according to the following facts: 1. all the authors did not have equal access to sources of information which could support their claims or hypotheses; 2. the materials they had at their disposal were generally insufficient; 3. they did not take into account certain relevant historical facts which could have proven to be more important determinants for solving this issue; 4. they were not in the possession of actual, authentic information regarding this issue from one of the living descendants of the Dominis family from the island of Rab. The author of this book has undertaken a very demanding task, trying to offer as authentic an answer as possible, or perhaps even a correct one, regarding the origin of captain John and his son John Owen in the context of papers published so far. In order to achieve that goal, the author of this book relied on the texts related to this topic published so far, and he did so according to their chronological order, since the chronology of events can play an important role in shedding light on certain historical events, not only because of the facts or the hypotheses which deal with such events at the level of past insights and cognitions, but also because it provides a greater specific interest and incentive for potential future research on familiar events. Regardless of the fact that each new, further research into certain historical events entails a possibilty of repetition of certain claims or hypotheses from previously published texts, the new and further research allows previously published claims to be either confirmed or dismissed, and earlier hypotheses to be either clarified to the level of almost absolute claims and facts, left at the level of hypotheses as they previously were, or dismissed. In order to ensure validity of such an attitude towards issues regarding historical events which are not elucidated enough, it is necessary to do the following: 1. to become familiar with the literature and sources relevant to the topic; read the literature and sources and evaluate them in an objective and critical way; 3. to take into consideration the socio-political context and circumstances of the historical period during which the aforementioned events took place; 4. to have as many written statements as possible from living, more or less removed descendants who were the protagonists of historical events which represent the topic of the research, under the condition that they are authentic; 5. to acquire all the possible recent written materials regarding the topic as well as other pieces of information. This is the task and the responsibility that this book has undertaken, and it is not easy, but is achievable.

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state that was once a kingdom with its own monarchy. The only real royal palaces in the United States are in Hawaii.