The Istrian Cuisine – new recipes and tastes

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Šimonović, Bruno
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‘- more than 60 recipes – more than 200 colour photographs for ali the recipes – a cookbook that includes explanations and preparation methods – a cookbook for housemves – a welcome addition in any households’

Pronađite najbolje cijene uz najveći izbor! Brza dostava! Does Istrian cuisine smell nice? The most typical dishes, such as traditional Istrian pasta Fusi, Istrian minestrone soup with sweet corn, European bass in salt etc. can be prepared by everyone at home! Check out the simple traditional recipes that we have put together with the help of our local chefs. Istrian cuisine is very similar to the one of its neighbor, Dalmatia..

See more ideas about food, croatian recipes, croatian cuisine. Istrian cuisine Home / Gourmet / Istrian cuisine / Istria's turbulent past has certainly left a trace on its cuisine, various traditions are interwoven in the local cuisine, based on nature... Istria in ten dishes. On the coast or inland, Istria's fresh, seasonal dishes from the sea and the fields attract carloads of Italians over the border at weekends. The history of Fujian cuisine is pretty long.