An Island on the Plate / L’isola sul Piatto

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Borčić, Anela
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To remember all the kitchen scents,and all the glorious meals from Vis…Every season on Vis gives offspecific scents ofheartwarming food. Children on the island grow up with these scents and keep them in their memories throughout their lives. In order to prevent some of these scents and traditional dishes from disappearing, children from Vis elementary school diligently collected recipes that were provided by their grandmothers, mothers, aunts, neighbours. This cookbook with recepies was written to honor island of Vis,its beautiful dialect, beautiful smells that came out of the kitchens on the island in the past. It can give the readers the taste of the island’s cuisine from the past – today!People from the island are proud of their cusine, and rightfully so as this is one of the most delicious national derivates from this globally renowned and important culinary region.

La salsa di radicchio rosso contribuisce a rendere unico questo piatto portando la giusta consistenza al palato. buon appetito L'Isola d'Oro.

Il tempo è ancora scandito dalla Natura: i ritmi sono più lenti, i venti e le stagioni influenzano in modo fondamentale le giornate. Anche il mood nell'abbigliamento si fa più morbido.