Whispers of the Dead

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Beckett, Simon
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In America to escape the violence that nearly killed him, forensics expert David Hunter has returned to the Body Farm in Tennessee. He needs to know whether he’s still up to the job of confronting death. So when his former mentor asks him to accompany him to a crime scene, he agrees. But even he is unprepared for what awaits them in the remote cabin. The victim has been tortured, the body decomposed beyond recognition. Although fingerprints seem to identify the killer, Hunter is uneasy. Then a second body is found. And it becomes clear that they’re dealing with a killer who is dangerously familiar with the intricacies of forensics. Has David Hunter met his match?

Ragnar 2. Whisper EP of the upcoming full lenght album Whispers of the Dead ISBN13 9781250072887 Edition Format Hardcover Number of Pages 325 pages Book Language English Ebook Format PDF, EPUB.

He leaves his native London for Tennessee with the purpose of conducting research at the legendary Body Farm, as well as to visit his mentor and director of the facility, Tom Leiberman. Simon Beckett is the No.1 international bestselling author of the David Hunter series: The Chemistry of Death, Written in Bone, Whispers of the Dead, The Calling of the Grave, The Restless Dead and The Scent of Death.His books have been translated into 29 languages, appeared in the Sunday Times top 10 bestseller lists and sold over 10 million copies worldwide. Whispers of the Dead is the third novel in the Dr David Hunter series, created by Simon Beckett. It was published in January 2009 by Bantam Press.