In a sentimental mood

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Bodrožić, Ivana
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In this brave and fresh poetry with (no) sentimental mood, “the bIeeding/ is what’s/ in the middle”—between the comfort and the disaster, the laugh and the cry, the joy and the sadness, the tenderness and the cruelty, the peace and the war, the summer atmosphere and the grave stones, the Eros and the Thanatos, the ethics and the esthetics, between the life and the death. —Lidija Dimkovska, author of A Spare Life and ph Neutral History.

He composed the piece in 1935 and recorded it with his orchestra during the same year. Lyrics were written by Manny Kurtz; Ellington's manager Irving Mills gave himself a percentage of the publishing, [citation needed] so the song was credited to all three. In a Sentimental Mood Lyrics: In a sentimental mood / I can see the stars come through my room / While your loving attitude / Is like a flame that lights the gloom / On the wings of every kiss ... The bouncy, winsome treatments of "S'Wonderful" and "Some Day My Prince Will Come" are delightful standouts; curiously, a similar treatment of "Sentimental Mood" seems a little stretched.

In a sentimental mood. I can see the stars come through my room.