In a sentimental mood

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Bodrožić, Ivana
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In this brave and fresh poetry with (no) sentimental mood, “the bIeeding/ is what’s/ in the middle”—between the comfort and the disaster, the laugh and the cry, the joy and the sadness, the tenderness and the cruelty, the peace and the war, the summer atmosphere and the grave stones, the Eros and the Thanatos, the ethics and the esthetics, between the life and the death. —Lidija Dimkovska, author of A Spare Life and ph Neutral History.

The duration of song is 02:48. This song is sung by Ella Fitzgerald. In a sentimental mood.

The government claims the threat from conspiracy-theory-driven extremists is increasing, but experts divided. [Verse] G6 Em Emmaj7 Em7 In a sentimental mood, C#m7b5 Am Ammaj7 Am7 I'm within a world so heavenly, Am7 B7 Em For I never dreamt that you'd Bm7 E7 Am7 D7b9 Gmaj7 Be loving sentimental me. [Instrumental Scat Sing] Am7 Em Emmaj7 Em7 C#m7b5 Am Ammaj7 Am7 Am7 B7 Em Bm7 E7 Am7 D7b9 Gmaj7 [Outro] ... Song information for In a Sentimental Mood - Sarah Vaughan on AllMusic Listen to In-A-Sentimental-Mood.mid, a free MIDI file on BitMidi.