Prisoners of Geography

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Tim Marshall
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All leaders are constrained by geography. Their choices are limited by mountains, rivers, seas and concrete. Yes, to follow world events you need to understand people, ideas and movements – but if you don’t know geography, you’ll never have the full picture.If you’ve ever wondered why Putin is so obsessed with Crimea, why the USA was destined to become a global superpower, or why China’s power base continues to expand ever outwards, the answers are all here.In ten chapters (covering Russia; China; the USA; Latin America; the Middle East; Africa; India and Pakistan; Europe; Japan and Korea; and the Arctic), using maps, essays and occasionally the personal experiences of the widely travelled author, Prisoners of Geography looks at the past, present and future to offer an essential insight into one of the major factors that determines world history.It’s time to put the ‘geo’ back into geopolitics.

It provides a brief history of the worlds major geographic regions and powers and how geography has both shaped events as well as define current relationships. Full Summary of Prisoners Of Geography Overall Summary. Tim Marshall's book, Prisoners of Geography: Ten Maps That Explain Everything About the World, was published in 2015 and became a New York Times bestseller.

Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Prisoners of Geography covers the geopolitical contexts and situations in several vital regions of the world. These include: Russia , China , the United States , Europe , the Arab World , South Asia (mainly focusing on the geopolitical anomalies of India and Pakistan ), Africa , Japan & Korea , Latin America , and the Arctic Ocean (mainly to cover the geopolitics of the Arctic resources race ). Prisoners of Geography - A Much needed lesson As someone whose family has been victims of the Geography of where they lived and who they were in an often much forgotten episode of the Second World War.