Play Better Golf

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Howe, Colin
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Play Better Golf takes an innovative, holistic approach to improving your golf game. By focusing on all aspects the game – technical, mental, physical and competitive – as well as building on your own strengths you will improve your scores and take your game to the next level. Easy-to-follow text, step-by-step instructions supported by clear photographic swing sequences and detailed illustrations make this the most accessible and comprehensive instruction handbook available. Contents include:Learning from the great players, The mental game, Putting, Short game, Swing, Getting out of trouble, Fitness, Equipment, Practice, Course management, Great courses and how to play them, The rules. Whether you are just starting out or looking to take your game to the limit, Colin Howe and his team of experts make Play Better Golf the indispensable guide for golfers of all levels of skill.

Instead of relying on muscle memory to groove a golf swing, we believe that most everyone has the potential to use their mind and body to play and enjoy better golf. Play Confident Golf - it's a mental game too. Improve your golf game by gaining confidence with the power of hypnosis.Beat the yips and be more confident wi... PLAY BETTER GOLF.

2 People, 60 minutes, $60 pp Golf-ball radar systems like TrackMan prove that you should hit drives with an ascending blow. To pattern this upswing, focus on both hands moving upward as they approach the ball and inward after ... Another good way how to get better at golf fast is to eliminate making swing changes during a round of golf.