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Murphy, Sam
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Running Well is designed to appeal to both men and women; the content is accessible but based on the latest scientific evidence. It shows runners how to minimise the risks of injury and other problems (such as cramp, blisters and dehydration) by showing the difference between training and straining, avoiding overtraining, varying speed and distance, keeping the running muscles strong and supple and honing technique. A substantial and unique section deals in detail with specific injuries, outlining symptoms and causes, who is particularly vulnerable and what to do (in terms of both self-help and seeking professional advice). Die weiterhin deutlich im zweistellig en Prozentbereich li egenden EBIT-Margen der akquirierten Töchter unterlegen den ausgewiesenen Goodwill mit Substanz. Get More Running Tips From Well. Our weekly email for runners delivers practical tips, expert advice, exclusive content and a bit of motivation to your inbox to help you on your running journey. Running Well Acoustic Music Club has 464 members.

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