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Bee, Peta
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If you want to lose weight, be healthy and live longer, forget the gym. Ordinary activity – gardening, washing up, and even fidgeting – can be more effective than hard exercise. For example, cleaning a window burns 250 calories, washing the car burns 330 and ironing a load of washing 210. Fidgeting alone can burn up to 350 calories per day! Our ancestors kept fit by integrating exercise into daily life, but modern conveniences have turned us into couch and desk potatoes. Peta Bee shows how we can redress that balance, with chapters on how to increase activity levels on the move, in the office, at home and when shopping; and there are plenty of suggestions for busy parents and children. With body and mind benefits for each activity, advice on tailoring your exercise and healthy eating, this book is a must for anyone with no time for the gym.

Each year, all first-year master's students participate in a three-day simulation known as the Integrated Policy Exercise (IPE), a highly interactive that allows students to immerse themselves in a timely policy issue, demonstrating their understanding of the policy-making process while interacting with real policy experts under "real-world" time constraints and pressures. Integrated Method Makia is a workout program and diet app. The official website claims that by following the Integrated Method Makia program, you get personalized training and dietary information that may help you reach your weight loss goals.

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