Triathlon for Women

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Lynam, Lisa
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This volume aims to guide, educate, and inspire women to get the most out of their sporting endeavours – whether just starting out, a seasoned competitor, or at the very top of the game. “Triathlon for Women” looks at all aspects of fitness and skill development, how to make the right nutritional choices for your body, and the physical and mental preparations needed for racing. This volume goes beyond the regular science and theories behind triathlon training, and gives a more complete mind-body-spirit approach that will enhance enjoyment for all women triathletes.

The G3- Gainesville Tri Club Learning, training and racing together in a positive social environment is something that the G3 TriClub takes tremendous pride in and strives towards accomplishing every day. "[Triathlons for Women] helps any woman become a triathlete." — USA Triathlon Life magazine "Sally Edwards is one of the pioneers of the sport. [She] is women's triathlon!" — Maggie Sullivan, race director of Danskin Women's Triathlon Series and Trek Women Triathlon Series "A must-read for beginner and experienced triathletes. WOMEN'S TRIATHLON CLOTHING.

Enjoy watching the first time ever beach start in Olympi... Of all the unique characteristics of triathlon running shoes, most of them serve one simple purpose: to help you move quickly. The most basic (and some would argue the most important) feature is the type of laces.