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Wagner, Mark
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This revised edition is designed in the first instance for trainers and coaches – even those without any experience of hockey – students, exercise leaders and club trainers in the school and youth sectors.

"M/CU Training Center is a high-class facility with an excellent staff that helps you get better every day that you are there. Through off-ice training and on-ice training, every day at M/CU Training Center ... Beyond the Net Training Field Hockey Program is designed to develop field hockey skills at all levels - novice, club, elementary school middle school, high school, and college.

When training for field hockey, ensuring that the player's agility is fine-tuned is a must. And to do this you can practice three elements such as lateral movement, cutting and pop & burst. Field Hockey Training & Field Hockey Fitness Workouts Are you looking for the best way to get fit for hockey? Search no more! Lauren Penny has you covered with some of the most useful fitness drills that will make you step your field hockey level up. We believe in using Field Hockey as a vehicle for empowering young girls to be confident in their abilities.