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New for 2020! Discover the natural world around us in truly breath-taking close-up photographs: A single drop of water or flying dandelion seeds well-versed photographers have arranged things we usually don t even notice into very colour-intensive and impressive monuments of nature. Measuring 30 x 60 cm when open, the upper half displays the monthly image and in the lower half there is a 6-lingual calendar grid (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, & Dutch) displaying public holidays etc., with plenty of room for important dates and events. In the lower right hand corner there are also free lines for notes, what means that you will not only see beautiful pictures you will be organized as well. Perfect for organising yourself or as a gift for someone else!

"It's an exploration of the details of everyday things we might commonly dismiss. Email Sign Up; Free Printable. December 16, 2020 By Paper Trail Design ...

This is related to another event, the Montauk Project, that occurred 40 years later in autumn 1983. The Year 2020 is a visionary year and is also an important Election Year. In your new Audubon Engagement Calendar, write down the date of your caucus or primary, the days of the Democratic National Convention (July 13-16) and the Republican National Convention (August 24-27), Presidential Debates and Vice-President Debate and the 59th Presidential Election Day (November 3). Free 100-Year Perpetual Calendar Chart!" Use Up/Down scroll buttons to specify the 100-year span of the calendar, and then print! You will easily be able to view the monthly calendar for any year & month for 100 years - without a computer! Free 10,000-Year Perpetual Calendar Chart! Our first 10,000-Year Calendar! A photographic project by self-taught composer and photographer Pyanek - Amazing Worlds - reveals details of our everyday lives from a new perspective.