Flower Decoration Ideas

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Stain, Donna
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The Chinese and Japanese are known for elevating flower arranging to an art form and even meditation practice. They have been using flowers, fruits, branches and leaves for centuries to decorate spaces. More and more designers are using it as one of the most important elements when decorating spaces for temporary events. Hotel lobbies and restaurants often feature imposing flower arrangements that are a source of inspiration for many. This book is a sample of the long experience that designer Donna Stain has in decorating the Arts Hotel with unique flower arrangements. It features over 170 photos by Becky Lawton.

Use flowers to decorate God/Goddesses. Offer flowers to the deity to please them and get their...

Fill up an empty space with a towering arrangement, like the grouping of cherry blossoms in this colorful farmhouse. If you use clear glass, the stems are visible and part of ... Our gallery of easy DIY flower arrangements is full of creative ways to display your blooms.