Small Balcony and Terraces EV

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Schleifer, Simone
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Terraces and balconies have always been essential architectural features — they are effectively the continuation of a dwelling outdoors. Terraces are mostly related directly to the landscape surrounding a building. They can frame a view — for instance, through canopies or side walls –, they can imitate particular landscape elements on their own more human scale, or they can enable the landscape to be perceived and experienced in a different way. Unlike terraces, balconies are first and foremost a structural element of a house, epitomising the character of the building and its architectural style. The balcony can be the crowning glory of a house — the extension of the living space outdoors. This book introduces terraces and balconies from all over the world that have been created by well-known architects and designers and that are particularly original or successfully unite aesthetics and functionality.

. ... Modern-day terraces can still provide privacy to your balcony by using a balcony cover.

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