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First of all: Stairs are an essential structure for crossing height differences ? whether dynamic or elegant, modern or traditional, narrow or spacious. But beside this function as an article of daily use stairs are also a medium to express a specific way

See more ideas about house design, doors, house interior. Architectural Details Stairs količina Dodaj u košaricu ISBN: 9783938780466 Izdavač: Thames and Hudson Ltd Područje: Arhitektura Uvez: Tvrdi uvez SKU: VBZ-997584 Kategorije: Arhitektura , Knjige na engleskom , Umjetnost Oznake: arhitektura , dizajn , dizajn interijera Jezik: Engleski Godina izdanja: 2008 via Just like the rule for the number of the treads in a single flight of stairs, there is also a rule for the minimum depth of landing.

1440 Multiversity was founded by former Silicon Valley executive Scott Kriens and his wife Joanie with a mission to help people foster stronger connections and evolve in relationship, spirit, and wellness.The Kriens engaged architect Jerry Yates and South Bay Construction ... The vast majority of architectural interiors incorporate gypsum wallboard [GWB], also known simply as 'drywall', in walls and ceilings. Usually not many details are required because gypsum is so ubiquitous.