Horse: 30,000 Years of the Horse in Art

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Pickeral, Tamsin
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Of all man’s fellow-creatures, the horse, with its inherent gracefulness, intelligence, speed, resilience and courage, has inspired the strongest feelings of empathy ? an affinity reflected in more than 30,000 years of artistic representation in both East and West. This stunningly illustrated history of the horse in art documents the creative journey from prehistoric cave paintings to the war horses of Uccello, the thoroughbred portraits of Stubbs, the enigmatic prints of Elisabeth Frink and beyond. It explores the role of the horse in Eastern imagery and as the subject of myth and legend; as a symbol of power and an ally in war; as the subject of anatomical scrutiny and the romantic embodiment of human feeling; and as the emblem of sporting pleasures and prowess. The book sheds particular light on man’s relationship with the horse, and on the story of equine evolution from the stocky primitive to today’s thoroughbred.

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First published: 30 October 2007. Tamsin Pickeral is an author and art historian specializing in books on art, horsemanship, animal husbandry and travel. Her books for Merrell include The Horse: 30,000 Years of the Horse in Art (hardback 2006; new paperback compact edition 2009) and The Dog: 5000 Years of the Dog in Art (hardback 2008; new paperback compact edition 2010), included ... Stanford Libraries' official online search tool for books, media, journals, databases, government documents and more. The Horse: 30,000 Years of the Horse in Art by Pickeral, Tamsin and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at The Horse: 30,000 Years of the Horse in Art has that something extra that takes the book from being merely pretty and interesting and turns it into something extraordinary.