Bridge Over the Drina, The

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Andrić, Ivo
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In the small Bosnian town of Visegrad the stone bridge of the novel’s title, built in the sixteenth century on the instruction of a grand vezir, bears witness to three centuries of conflict. Visegrad has long been a bone of contention between the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empires, but the bridge survives unscathed until 1914, when the collision of forces in the Balkans triggers the outbreak of World War I. The bridge spans generations, nationalities and creeds, silent testament to the lives played out on it. Radisav, a workman, tries to hinder its construction and is impaled alive on its highest point; beautiful Fata leaps from its parapet to escape an arranged marriage; Milan, inveterate gamble, risks all in one last game on it. With humour and compassion, Andric chronicles the lives of Catholics, Muslims and Orthodox Christians unable to reconcile their disparate loyalties.

It starts ... The bridge spans the river Drina and links Bosnia and Serbia making Visegrad the central transportation route from Sarajevo in central Bosnia with Serbia to the east. This bridge, village and positioning made Visegrad a successful city with a respectable economy for all living there. In high school, one Saturday, I started reading a book by the Yugoslav novelist Ivo Andric: The Bridge on the Drina.By the time I finished it something in me had shifted forever (New Statesman)Despite its scale, what makes the book extraordinary is the tender insight with which it treats these individual lives, whether Catholic, Orthodox, Muslim or Jewish (Independent) Bridge Over the Drina, The količina Dodaj u košaricu ISBN: 9781860460586 Izdavač: Random House Group Ltd Područje: Proza Uvez: Meki uvez Kategorija: Proza Oznaka: historical fiction Jezik: Engleski Godina izdanja: 1994 The Bridge on the Drina is a novel — or more accurately, perhaps, a cross between a novel and a series of short stories — woven around the unifying subject of that bridge.

This historical novel gives readers the history of ... Buy The Bridge Over the Drina New Ed by Ivo Andric, Lovett F. Edwards (ISBN: 9781860460586) from Amazon's Book Store.