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OPIS OŠTEĆENJA OŠTEĆENE KORICE The art of likeness The spectrum of today s portraiture, from caricature to realism The field of illustration has flourished over the last decade, with professionals working both by computer and by hand. In illustration, the single most challenging and captivating subject has been the portrait, frequently used in editorials, advertising, products, and most recently, being the subject of major exhibitions. The book gathers together the exclusive (and frequently unpublished) portrait work of over 80 illustrators from all over the world, many of whom were featured in Illustration Now!, including Aaron Jasinski , André Carrilho, Hanoch Piven, Anita Kunz, Jody Hewgill, and Dugald Stermer. The book also features an index of subjects and an introduction by Steven Heller.OPIS OŠTEĆENJA OŠTEĆENE KORICE

Cat Mieze Pet. 99 69 15 ... Join Sharon Milne, our Design & Illustration Tuts+ Editor, in learning how to create vector portraits in Adobe Illustrator.From beginner to advanced tutorials, quick tips to video courses, she'll take you through a variety of creative projects and challenges.

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