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Salečić, Ivan
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Roman-prvijenac hrvatskog publicista u kojem autor uz priču iz suvremenog doba, donosi i priču obitelji Gundulić iz 17. stoljeća, isprepličući prošlost i sadašnjost te tvoreći na taj način jedinstvenu romanesknu cjelinu u kojoj sužive fikcija i fakcija. Suvremena ljubavna priča ispresijecana je poviješću Dubrovnika, u svoj svojoj zavodljivosti i neodoljivosti.

Lava Waders also allow the player to submerge in lava safely for 7 seconds (press the Down ... Start collecting points for what you love! Whether you are a shopaholic, a foodie, a techie or into DIY, we've got a total of 19 brands where you can benefit from instant rewards spread over 47 outlets across the island for you to collect and redeem your points… After all, variety is the spice of life! Lava is molten rock that has been expelled from the interior of a terrestrial planet (such as Earth) or a moon.Magma is generated by the internal heat of the planet or moon and it is erupted as lava at volcanoes or through fractures in the crust, usually at temperatures from 800 to 1,200 °C (1,470 to 2,190 °F).The volcanic rock resulting from subsequent cooling is also often described as lava. Lava is a light-emitting fluid block that causes fire damage. While Lava can generate at any level including on the Overworld surface, lava generates mostly below y-level 11 in the Overworld and below y-level 31 in the Nether.

After reaching the exit of ... lavaがお届けする1時間のヨガレッスンは、一人ひとりのお客様にとって、かけがえのない特別なひと時。 心身の疲れをリセットする人、お悩みを解消して新しい自分へと踏み出す人もいれば、今ここにある全てに感謝する人も。 その1時間は、人がひとつ幸せになるための1時間。 ホットヨガスタジオLAVAは株式会社LAVA Internationalが運営しています。初心者の方にも通いやすい店舗ネットワークと確かなレッスンクオリティで、これまで70万人以上の方に体験いただいています。 人気ブランドのヨガウェアやヨガグッズ、ダイエットフードなどの商品を今すぐチェック!lavaオリジナル商品やlavaオリジナルヨガウェアブランドsukalaなど人気のアイテムをご紹介 The Bottomless Lava Bucket is an item that functions similarly to the standard Lava Bucket, except that it never runs out of Lava and can place it slightly faster than a regular lava bucket (especially when moving the cursor around while filling). It is obtained as a rare drop from fishing in lava..