Julius Caesar

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Shakespeare, William
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Edited, introduced and annotated by Cedric Watts, M.A., Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of English, University of Sussex. Julius Caesar is among the best of Shakespeare’s historical and political plays. Dealing with events surrounding the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 B.C., the drama vividly illustrates the ways in which power and corruption are linked. The cry `Peace, freedom and liberty!’ is used to exculpate brutal realities, while personal ambitions taint public actions. Rich in characterisation and replete with eloquent rhetoric, Julius Caesar remains engrossing and topical: a play for today.

Low alarums. CATO Brave Titinius! Look, whether he have not crown'd dead Cassius! BRUTUS Are yet two Romans living such as these? The last of all the Romans, fare thee well! It is impossible that ever Rome Should breed thy fellow. Julius Caesar was a brilliant political leader, and a formidable strategist in the battlefield, who will go down in history as one of the greatest conquerors... Julius Caesar Summary Jealous conspirators convince Caesar's friend Brutus to join their assassination plot against Caesar.

Allied w ... but he always weighs them against his belief in the "general good." What does Caesar think about this general good? What kinds of things does he consider before making a decision? Pragmatism vs. idealism: Cassius and Antony are shrewd politicians; they make plans after weighing the Julius Caesar was born on 13 July in the year 100 BC.