Bhutan: Hidden Lands of Happiness

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Wehrheim, John
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Tibetan folk songs sometimes sing of beyul hidden lands that only those of pure heart and mind can see. The Bhutanese believe their country to be such a place. Blessed with centuries of peace and prosperity while all around Bhutan the world has raged, this last of the Himalayan Buddhist Kingdoms enjoys independence and freedom. Now the Bhutanese are further blessed with a Philosopher King who leads his people on the principal that Gross National Happiness is more important than Gross National Product. Bhutan: Hidden Lands of Happiness is a geographical and cultural passage from the yak pastures along the Tibetan border to the rice lands in central Bhutan – revealing remote hot springs and isolated hermitages, as well as the streets and nightclubs of the country’s capital. 108 images narrated with stories, journal entries, folklore, dharma teachings and oral history illustrate an intimate tale of Bhutan told by an artist who is deeply familiar with his subject.

Capture the beauty and warmth of this amazing land on visit of two of the most popular valleys. Duration: 5 Days 4 Nights.

These utopias were not fantasies of hidden "Shangri-Las" but rather allegories of a mental state. Many great spiritual masters teach that thought affects matter, that the world is created by our minds and that ... John Wehrheim har udstllet mange steder og udgivet bogen Bhutan hidden Lands of Happiness (2008), en geografisk og kulturel rejse gennem dette smukke og isolerede land i 108 sorthvide fotografier.