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The Macmillan Topics present factual topics in a modern magazine format. They offer challenging insights into the modern intercultural world from a teenager’s viewpoint. Written in direct English, the texts and illustrations are closely integrated for maximum impact.Key featuresThe reader’s personal experience is placed at the centre of the reading process The articles present a variety of text-types, styles and formats Topics related to science, history and the arts provide specialized information viewpoints A Word File glossary of key vocabulary on each page gives essential while reading lexical support, with common American and British English differences noted. A Check It Out section provides an up-to-date checklist of specialist language, plus useful websites Mini-projects and Investigation Points at the end of each article encourage the readers to research further A projects section provides ideas for more extensive projects A light-hearted Quiz page gives more opportunities for discovery and fun

Macmillan Education, United Kingdom, 2006. Topics People who travel Travel activities Words used to describe travellers and their travels Tourism and tourist attractions Passports and visas; Explore related topics Journey Holidays and Holidaying Hotels, Guest Houses and Inns Camping and caravanning Macmillan Topics Intermediate Travel & Tourism. The Macmillan Topics present factual topics in a modern magazine format.

Fast and free shipping free returns cash on delivery available on eligible purchase. Macmillan Topics Travel & Tourism Intermediate Reader [IMG] An interesting magazine-style format on the topic of travel and tourism which motivates students to read English. It contains engaging articles,... Travel and tourism dissertation topics are diversified within scholarly literature.