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Felix, Zdenek
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Viva Büttner Born in Jena, Germany in 1954, Werner Büttner was a law student when he befriended artist Albert Oehlen, whose influence prompted him to give up his future law career to take up art.He is now a successful artist based in Hamburg, where he is professor at the Hochschule für bildende Künste. His work has been exhibited with Oehlen’s as well as Martin Kippenberger’s and is considered to be of the same tradition. Coinciding with the exhibition Werner Büttner: Verkehrte Welt at the Deichtorhallen in Hamburg this book covers about 150 pieces from the last two decades – from oil on canvas and drawings to collages, personal photographs, and invitations. Also included are a foreword by Zdenek Felix (director of Deichtorhallen), five texts by friends and colleagues of Büttner (Michael Diers, Harald Falckenberg, Friedrich Wolfram Heubach, Fritz Kramer, and Rudolf Schmitz), an exhibition chronology, and a bibliography. Uta Grosenick lives and works as a freelance author and editor in Cologne. For TASCHEN she has edited, among other books, the following publications: Women Artists, 2001; ART NOW, 2002 (together with Burkhard Riemschneider); Büttner, 2003; ART NOW II, 2005, and numerous books from the Basic Genre Series.

Ms. Doreen E Buttner also cooperates with other doctors and physicians in medical groups including Family Service Of Greater Waterbury.

She graduated in 1981, having over 40 years of diverse experience, especially in Clinical Social Worker. Ms.